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Dongguan Stomatological Hospital is a large-scale stomatological medical institution integrating diagnosis, treatment, prevention and health care of oral and maxillofacial diseases. It is the designated implementation unit of the National Childrens oral health prevention and Intervention Project (Fossa closure) in Dongguan.

since the building of the hospital of dongguan always adhere to the oral cavity hospital medical suntech and the whole heart service, in possession of the tooth, good at tooth service concept, with strict management, advanced technology, excellent service, to provide more than nine hundred citizens of dongguan professional dental service, has grown into the dongguan public recognition and trust of oral medical institutions.

The hospital has a high-level medical expert team and a management team. There are more than 70 medical personnel in the hospital, among which there are more than 20 technical core members (professors, associate professors, doctors, masters, etc.) composed of experts from various disciplines. The building area of the hospital is more than 3000 m, with more than 100 parking Spaces. There are orthodontics department, dental implant department, oral comprehensive treatment department, oral medicine department, oral surgery department, dental prosthodontics department, periodontal department, children's oral department and VIP special clinic.

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The whole heart service·Star to enjoy

  • Fine postoperative care

    Routine tests were conducted after the operation, and postoperative attention items and nursing knowledge were explained to the patients, so that the patients could get a better recovery in a short time.

  • Detailed preoperative preparation

    Dongguan stomatological hospital adopts the postoperative management of the German stomatological club, the nurse team will provide you with detailed nursing, and specials will guide ice compress, teeth cleaning and other matters.

  • Considerate return visit service

    During the recovery period, nurses will make postoperative follow-up visits to patients to help them solve their doubts and make postoperative recovery more secure.

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With advanced dental equipment.Enjoy the first-class dental technology

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German dental service quality

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